Kim, Ami & Shaun - November 2015

Kim & Shaun

Kim & Shaun

From the moment I met Sarah, I knew she was the right doula for our family. She has a grounded and quiet strength along with humour and sincerity that resonated immediately with me. She took her time to get to know us as individuals and as a family unit which enabled her to seamlessly assess our needs; often without us even realizing there was a gap in our plan. During labour, Sarah was an invaluable asset to both me and my partner. She provided me with much needed vocal guidance and support: quietly cheering me on to helping me relax and reminding me to breath; providing physical strength in positions and movement; making sure I was hydrated and fed. I know that she helped Ami also take moments for himself to recharge so he could be the best birth partner for me. I felt calm and safe for the entire birthing process, undoubtedly this allowed me to labour with no interventions. Postpartum Sarah has always been available with words of encouragement and knowledge for us newbie overwhelmed parents! Even at 4 months I know I can still reach out to her with questions about baby care or self care, she has a wealth of knowledge and is well connected in the birthing/baby community in NYC to provide a contact if needed.

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough to anyone who is looking for a doula to support them through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Seriously, just hire her already!

Rachel, Alex & Leonard - February 2018

"I was initially preparing to give birth without a doula but now cannot imagine going through labor and delivery without one--and without Sarah in particular. She is an integral part of my birth story, along with my husband and our new little baby. She visited us twice before my labor, during the labor, and twice after--really listening to all questions and concerns and bringing so much wisdom and understanding to the table. She enabled me to talk through so many questions and issues, and she went above and beyond to share resources for pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. It's amazing how someone I've known for such a short time can feel like such a friend, but Sarah--in her kindness and ability to really be present--really made possible a deeper connection.

 I wanted to stay at home as long as possible before going to the hospital, and my husband and I could not have done so without Sarah. She coached me through each contraction, helped with my breathing, put pressure on the parts of my body that needed it, and knew when to be there and when to step back. She was also a great comfort and resource for my husband, and it was great for me to know that they were both there, supporting me and each other. As it turned out, we went to the hospital about three hours after Sarah arrived at our house, and about an hour later our son was born--without any interventions or drugs. Sarah was then present in a way that hospital staff were not, to process the birth story, teach me the basics of nursing, and generally share our happiness and relief. Sarah provided further nursing and healing guidance when we returned home; she is exceptionally generous and prompt with her responses.

All told, I'm infinitely grateful to Sarah for what she made possible for my family, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a kind, funny, down-to-earth, wise doula."

Vanessa, Jim & Espen - October 2015

Vanessa, Jim & Espen - October 2015

Aimee, Avi & Olivia - March 2018

Sarah was a lifeline for our family during the early days of our daughter’s life. Not only did Sarah provide us with a comprehensive lactation consult, but her visit was full of love, compassion, and support. Our breastfeeding journey was not straightforward, and Sarah helped me navigate every bump and turn we encountered along the way. In addition to empowering me with the knowledge I needed, Sarah was a listening ear during times of difficult decision making. Sarah was an educator, a cheerleader, a confidant. Her passion and individualized care for each client is clear, and I am grateful Sarah played a pivotal role in my foundational path to motherhood. Eight months in, and my daughter and I are still enjoying a bonding, beautiful breastfeeding relationship. It didn't come easy, but it's been possible due to the loving support and guidance we received along the way. Thank you, Sarah!    

Elizabeth, Lucien & Alexa - November 2014

I interviewed several doulas before I met Sarah. I knew exactly what I was looking for someone who made both my husband and me feel comfortable, who understood my commitment to an unmedicated childbirth, and someone who I could openly speak with about my fears and worries throughout pregnancy. No one felt quite right – until we met Sarah. She’s knowledgeable and eager to learn, if there is something specific to your pregnancy that you need help with that she hasn’t experienced before. She celebrated milestones with me throughout my pregnancy and offered comforting words whenever challenges arose. For the birth itself, Sarah could not have been better. She respected my husband’s role as a supporter during it, and complemented him with her unique combination of experience with other births and her kindness. Sarah was also familiar with our hospital’s labor and delivery ward, which helped when it came to getting things like ice chips (a necessity that Sarah was more than happy to keep well-stocked for me). Since I gave birth to my daughter, I’ve thought of Sarah many times, always with deep gratitude that she was there with us to welcome our child into the world.

Talia - January 2017

Sarah Lovell came to our home for a private [childbirth prep] session yesterday to prepare us for our (third) delivery. She was wonderful, so well informed and lovely to work with. I especially liked that she really tailored the information to our needs, and we were impressed that she could answer just about any question we had.